20 TESOL Scholarships & Grants Worth Applying For


People who are getting a degree or a certificate in TESOL have a career of rewards that they will enjoy - financial, personal and professional.

Determining how to pay for your education is always a concern, but there are many excellent scholarships, fellowships and grants that are worth your consideration. Some of the most recommended include these:

  1. The Ruth Crymes TESL Fellowship for Graduate Study: This scholarship is for TESOL Association members who are enrolled in a TESOL graduate program. The purpose of the scholarship is to support recent or current graduates in the development of education projects that support better TESOL language instruction. Amount: $1500.

  2. Oklahoma City University: This university offers an MA in TESOL, and there are many types of tuition waiver scholarships available. Financial need is considered, but you will need to have a strong GPA and excellent recommendations to be considered. Amount can vary, applicable to each term.

  3. SIT Scholarships and Grants: The SIT Graduate Institute offers degree programs and certificates in TESOL. There are several scholarships available including the Educational Leadership Award, the NGO Management Leadership, Activism and Community Scholarship, and the Anderson Family Fund: Amount: Can vary between $800 and $6300 for US citizens and residents, and between $2500 and $11,500 for international students.

  4. Columbia University TESOL Scholarships: All new master’s degree in TESOL students are automatically considered for various merit-based scholarships. Some of these include Community English Program Teaching Fellowships, the Fanselow Award, and Conference Travel Grants. Amounts vary. Some are one time awards, others are renewable.

  5. Professional Development Scholarship: If you are an aspiring master’s in TESOL student, and already are working in the field in a developing nation, you can apply for this scholarship. The grant that you receive can be used to fund your education, or you can use it to help your organization in country.

  6. Jacqueline Ross TOEFEL Dissertation Award: If you are doing graduate school research that has a dissertation on a TESOL topic, you can win $2500 in travel fees, and room and board at this conference, where you will receive the award.

  7. TOEFEL Outstanding Young Scholar: This award is for master’s in TESOL or doctoral students who have an outstanding record of achievement both in the profession and in school. Amount: Up to $2500.

  8. University of Albany Full Scholarship: Graduate students are able to receive a full scholarship at this university, which includes all tuition. However, you must show a strong commitment after graduation to teach TESOL from K-12 in New York State.

  9. Monterrey Institute: Scholarships by the Monterrey Institute of International Studies offers several partial and full scholarship awards that are entirely merit based.

  10. California State Fullerton TESOL Scholarships and Grants: This university offers small grants of $130 to $250 for a membership in CATESOL, the California TESOL Association.

  11. Nazareth University: This university in New York offers the PEO International Peace Scholarship for international women who are pursuing graduate study in TESOL and related fields both in the US and Canada. Amount: Up to $10,000.

  12. English Language Fellow Program: The Monterey Institute of International Studies offers a prestigious fellowship for TESOL professionals. It places educators with a master’s degree in TESOL in teaching positions all over the world. You need to have two years of ESL teaching experience, and an MA in TESOL or a related field.

  13. TESOL Fellowship - University of North Florida: This university offers a fellowship for five students in TESOL each year: Amount: $3000-$5000.

  14. Gail E. Weinstein Fellowship in Community Literacy Education: This is a fellowship provided to TESOL students at San Francisco State University. This fellowship encourages graduate students to use their talents and passions to enhance or create more successful community partnerships. Amount: $1000.

  15. Arizona State University TESOL Scholarships and Awards: This university has many scholarships that graduate students in TESOL may apply for. Award amounts vary.

  16. University of Findlay Undergraduate Scholarships: This Ohio university offers a number of scholarships for undergraduate students, with some available for ESL and TESOL students.

  17. Ruth Wajnryb TESOL Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded by Anaheim University for one student each year who is enrolling in the Online MA in TESOL program. Amount: $15,000.

  18. Rod Ellis TESOL Scholarship: This is another scholarship awarded by Anaheim University for one doctoral student who will enroll in the online Ed.D. program in TESOL. Amount: $15,000.

  19. Alliant University: This university offers several scholarships in partnership with the University of California San Diego as well as San Diego State University. Both are $1000 scholarships for students who are earning a TEFL certificate.

  20. Alliant University: This university also offers a TESOL scholarship of $3000 per academic year for TESOL doctoral students.