5 Future Job Trends for TESOL Graduates


Are you thinking about earning a degree to teach English as a second language? Recent data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for many types of adult education teachers is going to increase by 9 percent by 2022. The growth will be more pronounced for TESOL teachers specifically.

By earning your master’s degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), you will have a lot of demand for your English teaching skills. You will be sought by schools and businesses both in the US and overseas by people who need to learn English to improve their career prospects.

Some of the latest job trends to TESOL graduates include:

#1 English as a Second Language Teacher

This is a rather obvious career option naturally. But there are more of these types of jobs available in different places around the world than ever before. There are now teaching jobs available not just in the US at schools, but at businesses and schools around the globe. You may be able to secure good-paying employment as an English teacher at an international company. Some companies have large customer service support staff overseas, and these workers need to have good English instructors, particularly those who speak American-style English.

Some of the best countries to teach English in from a salary perspective are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

Average salary for this position is $62,000:

#2 ESL Program Director

When you first start in your TESOL career, you may work at first as a teacher. But as your career progresses and you earn your master’s degree, you may want to move more into the administration aspect of TESOL. As a program director, you would be responsible for the entire TESOL program for a county or an organization. This would include all sorts of administrative duties and oversight of employees and teachers.

Average salary in this field is approximately $44,000:

#3 Academic Adviser

With a master’s degree in TESOL, you could provide very much needed academic advice to international students. Most academic advisers help international students to plan their college curriculum, but you also could help international students with things not directly related to school. Some international students with limited English skills need help with finding a place to live, setting up a bank account, or applying for federal student aid.

Average salary should be approximately $45,000:

#4 TESOL Teaching Material Writer/Editor

People who earn a master’s in TESOL may decide after they teach for a few years to write TESOL textbooks and other types of teaching materials. With the teaching skills that you learn in your degree program, combined with excellent writing skills, you make make an excellent career for yourself. Your salary will be in the area of $55,000 per year.

#5 Private TESOL Tutor

Most TESOL teachers work for a school or business for several years to develop their skills and gain experience. After a few years of that, some decide to work for themselves and to tutor children or adults who want to learn English. These jobs can be found both in the US and abroad. Note that some tutoring jobs in international markets can be quite lucrative. Some of the best countries for tutors and TESOL teachers generally are China, Japan, Dubai, South Korea and Taiwan. Your salary will vary, but $20 per hour is a typical wage in many countries.