6 Ways to Reshape the Future with a TESOL Education


If you are considering a TESOL degree, you have an exciting and financially rewarding career to look forward to. TESOL teachers are in great demand both in the US and around the globe, as learning to speak English is so important for personal and professional success in the world today.

As a TESOL teacher, not only will you enjoy a good salary and high job demand, you will be able to change the world and reshape the future for the better. Consider these ways:

#1 Help Your Students to Become More Marketable and Successful

Learning English is a key to being successful in the world today. It is the most commonly spoken language on earth, and one out of five people either understand or speak English. English is also the language of commerce, science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism. Having a good command of English increases the student’s chances of getting a good job.

Many multinational companies are now located in Asia and other places where English is not the first language. People who learn English in those countries are more likely to be able to get hired by good paying Western companies.

#2 Learning English Is Good for Traveling

People who like to travel the world will find that it will become easier to do so once they learn to speak English. English currently has special or official status as the main language in 75 countries. It is spoken as the first language by 375 million people, and a second language by another 375 million people. Any tourist who does a good deal of global traveling will have the world open up to them even more by learning English in a TESOL environment.

#3 Being Able To Read English Opens Doors for Students

Did you know that 75% of the mail in the world is written in English? The Internet is dominated by English, too. More than 40% of the communications that occur on the Internet today are done in English. By being able to read English after taking TESOL classes, you students will be able to learn much more about the world around them.

#4 Much of the World’s Entertainment Is Made in English

Many of the top films, books and musical compositions are produced in the English language. Students who understand English will have much more access to a huge wealth of entertainment, and will be able to have a better cultural understanding of the world today. This can open up all kinds of doors for students of English. Perhaps after the student learns English, he will be able to produce English films or music or become an author.

#5 Be Able to Socially Interact with Anyone

English is of course the language of business and commerce, but it also is the main language of social interaction today. English unites the entire world, and by learning it, TESOL students can become global citizens - live anywhere, thrive anywhere and speak to just about anyone. Given the power of social media and the Internet today, understanding English is absolutely vital to interacting with much of the world. Who knows where some of those interactions will lead?

#6 Become Connected to the World of Research and Development

The US has more than 2,000 universities and hundreds of billions of dollars in research done every year, and it all is done in English. Just the US has a massive array of professional opportunities in science and research for people who speak English. By learning English, you could be able to engage in life-changing research in medicine or science that could transform the world.

By becoming a TESOL teacher, you really can help your students to become more successful and connected to the world around us.